John Banovich - The Little Things
John Banovich - The Little Things

John Banovich - The Little Things

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Limited edition giclée canvas
Zawadi Edition - 15" x 17": 
75 s/n plus 7 Artist Proofs
• Limited Edition: $275 
• Artist Proof: $330
• Frame LJ3 21"x23": $570

Life is made up of fluttering moments, and when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at can change. We rarely consider the changes a butterfly goes through, and the beauty that comes from that transformation. The forest is composed of many “little things". Each piece playing their part in the larger world. The leaf, the butterfly, and the hillside all comprise the forest’s composite character. And sometimes the smallest pieces are the most alluring. Appreciating the little things in life means that you focus your attention on what nurtures and sustains you in life.

My paintings are a way of feeling, and when those feelings are captured on canvas, long after the memories have faded, I become more conscious of the very small things that can evoke joy and beauty.