WILD CHILD Collection

Buying artwork for your children is a lovely way of starting them off with their own little ‘collection.

THESE LIMITED EDITION GICLÉES are printed on your choice of archival, deckled edge paper or a gallery wrapped canvas, each perfectly capturing the finer details of John Banovich original sketches. 

We invite YOU to be the artist and designer by creating a collection for the animal lover in you, your family or friends. With a full KINGDOM of incredible baby animals that capture hearts in Africa and beyond and a wide range of background and ink colors to mix and match we consider this our most interactive way yet to let YOUR inner WILD CHILD get creative and share your love of animals. Surrounded by the imagination and wonder that animals evoke we know that your child or grandchild will begin their own journey of discovery.

 I have always been fascinated by the power of a hand drawn line. A well-placed line creates lost and found areas, defining contour, shapes and boundaries, leading the eye to interpret in three dimensions.  Mimicking musical notes on a page, lines evoke a reaction in our heart, mind and soul and  narrate a story with precision. 

"I started drawing at approximately age three with wax crayons and today I reconnect with my inner child using conte’ crayons. Invented in 1795 by the French Painter Nicolas-Jacques Conte’ (1755-1805).  The conte’ crayon’s ability to maintain integrity while creating soft and hard edges quickly became a medium that artists, young and old love to sketch with.

Born of my deep love for my own children and the desire to create something simple and beautiful for their rooms, with a nod to my inner child, I am so pleased to introduce my new sketch series called WILD CHILD."  John Banovich – 2018

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