John Banovich - Tatonka
John Banovich - Tatonka
John Banovich - Tatonka

John Banovich - Tatonka

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Limited Edition Paper Giclée Sketch

Gallery Edition - 19" x 14":
25 s/n plus 3 Artist Proofs
• Archival Paper: $175
• Artist Proof: SOLD OUT
• Frame NC6-Roma - 27.5" x 22": $425

“Once numbering over ten million and dispersed all the way from Alaska to Mexico, the American bison is truly an iconic symbol of the west. As a victim of diseases imported with domestic cattle, commercial slaughter and U.S. government attempts to exterminate the native people of North America, by the 1870s their numbers plummeted to below 500. Heroic efforts of some early conservationist saved them from extinction and today their numbers have rebounded to well over 500,000. Interesting, genetics research over the last few years has shown they are an outstanding example of an Ultimate Survivor species and well deserving of the term 'Iconic'. Although bison are now conserved and protected in a few state and federal herds, the majority of these animals are found on private ranches. Weighing in at over 1,800 pounds a large bull can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour.  With a six foot vertical leap, they are also the super athletes of the American plains.” John Banovich

I always advocate that artists should “draw from life” because you learn more about your subject in a few moments than any other way. While on safari, I spend considerable time drawing these amazing beasts, later using the thumbnails to recreate the finished sketch. 

There is something pure, truthful and immediate in the simple lines of a sketch. I have been sketching in the field for many years, and nothing trains one’s eye to truly see and understand a subject better than life drawing. I use my sketches and studies for future works. Some may manifest into finished paintings and others remain in their original state, suspended in time as an illustration. John Banovich

These limited edition giclées are printed on artisan archival paper and perfectly capture the finer details of John Banovich original sketches. Discover the simple elegance of line drawing with the Banovich limited edition sketch collection.