John Banovich - River Horse
John Banovich - River Horse

John Banovich - River Horse

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Gallery Edition- 11" x 12": 350 s/n plus 35 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: $225
• Artist Proof: $270
• Frame AF29: 16.25" x 17.5" - $245

“The hippo is certainly one of the largest herbivores on earth, with large bulls reaching over 3 tons. But it is ironic that one of the most dangerous animals in Africa lives most of its life in water, or close to shore eating only grass and plants. Hippos love water, thus arising the Greek nickname of “River Horse”. Usually this is how one sees them, only the head peering above the water, concealing the massive but buoyant torso below the water’s surface, out of the harsh rays of the African sun. These behemoths are quite graceful in water, and very good swimmers, but often they are able to stand or simply walk on river bottoms, or lake bed. Their eyes and nostrils are located high up on the top of their heads, which allows them to see and breathe when nearly submersed.” - John Banovich, Artist