John Banovich - Outnumbered
John Banovich - Outnumbered

John Banovich - Outnumbered

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas- Textured Canvas
20% of proceeds supports the Lion P.R.I.D.E. Initiative
Gallery Edition- 25" x 22": 25 s/n plus 5 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: $1050
• Artist Proof: $1,260
• Frame (Artisan): 21" x 28" - $650
• Shipping (Unframed) $35
• Shipping (Framed) $110

"In any lion cape buffalo confrontation the victor is aways the one who outnumbers their opponent. But when a single lion come across a massive herd , it is he who may have to make a hasty retreat. If the buffalo are in a relaxed mood, they just might let him pass unharmed. Have studied the lion/cape buffalo relations ship for nearly 20 years. And each time I see them interact, I always learn something new. " - John Banovich, Artist