John Banovich - North Country
John Banovich - North Country

John Banovich - North Country

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Gallery Edition- 25" x 40": 75 s/n plus 7 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: $1,350
• Artist Proof: $1,620
• Frame LJ6: 31" x 46" - $850

"The Canadian Rockies are some of the most spectacular mountain ranges on planet earth. They also harbor some of the last great vestiges of grizzly habitat in North America. This female grizzly is wandering down the length of a river bed in search of food. She must pack on the pounds as she will soon have to find her way to a den where she will fall into a deep slumber for about four months before she gives birth. Born at nearly 16 ounces, these little bears will grow to more than 600 times their birth weight. I tried to capture a sense of the dramatic wilderness that one only finds in the north country.” - John Banovich, Artist