John Banovich - Midnight Stalker
John Banovich - Midnight Stalker

John Banovich - Midnight Stalker

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Gallery Edition- 16" x 24":  50 s/n plus 5 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: $575
• Artist Proof: $690
• Frame (Artisan): 23" x 31" - $395

"Tension silently builds as the mountain lion closes in to the point where it will launch its rush. Cloaked in the veil of darkness, I painted this scene as if the viewer were possibly the prey! Painting nocturnal scenes is an exceptionally difficult task, as all values and hues close together when under the moonlight. Color recedes and is replaced by a blue/green/grey hue that consumes everything. This cast makes it very difficult for humans to see, but a predator, possessing more rods than cones in its eyes, can see perfectly. Therefore, one can say that big cats own the night…" - John Banovich, Artist