John Banovich - Lion Scent
John Banovich - Lion Scent

John Banovich - Lion Scent

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Gallery Edition 13" x 22": 50 s/n plus 5 Artist Proofs
• Limited Edition:  $625
• Artist Proof: $750
• Frame (AB3): 22" x 31"  - $585

"The Roan is one of the largest and most beautiful of the African Antelope. These majestic animals are named after the roan or reddish brown color of their coats. As with all ungulates, they are always cautious when approaching the waterhole. Their senses are on high alert. Their prominent red nostrils and huge ears are excellent for detecting approaching predators. At the slighted sound they will spook and explode from the water to dry land. It is at the waterhole that they are at their most vulnerable and the lions know it.” - John Banovich, Artist