John Banovich - Cat & Mouse
John Banovich - Cat & Mouse

John Banovich - Cat & Mouse

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Gallery Edition -27" x 40": 75 s/n plus 7 Artist Proofs
• Limited Edition: $1500
• Artist Proof: $1800
• Frame BR - 36" x 49": $1,150

“Amba,” as he is known to the Udege people of far eastern Russia; strong, silent and deadly, the Siberian Tiger or Amur tiger is perfectly adapted to the land where the jungles of Asia meet the boreal forests of the north. Although larger prey like Sika and Wild Boar make up the main source of this big cats diet, like all cats it seems to have a magnetic draw to anything that moves, making a good old fashion game of “Cat and Mouse,” irresistible. – John Banovich Artist/Conservationist