John Banovich - Black Gold
John Banovich - Black Gold

John Banovich - Black Gold

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Gallery Edition - 21" x 35":

200 s/n plus 2 Artist Proofs
• Limited Edition: $875
• Artist Proof: SOLD OUT

• Frame (TS5) 29.5" x 43.5": $850
• Frame (LJ3) 27" x 41": $820

“Hunting my first cape buffalo, with Phillip Reed of Zambezi Hunters in the Save Conservancy, was a life changing experience. Over several days of stalking the 150 plus herd of Nyati, I was never so aware of every sound and smell - all my senses seemed as if they were electrified. Even though we were trying to get close enough for a clean shot, I could not help but be transfixed by the golden, even light juxtaposed with the steel umber hue of the buffalo torsos....and the shimmer of sunlight on their horns seemed as if they wore “helmets of black gold". The intimacy one attains with a buffalo during such a hunt is etched in your mind for life.” - John Banovich