John Banovich - Big Tusker
John Banovich - Big Tusker

John Banovich - Big Tusker

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Limited Edition Paper Giclée
Gallery Edition:  18" x 24":  25 s/n plus 3 Artist Proofs
• Limited Edtion: $275
• Artist Proof: $330
• Frame NC6-Roma: 25.5" x 31.5" - $520

I always advocate that artists should “draw from life” because you learn more about your subject in a few moments than any other way. While on safari, I spend considerable time drawing these amazing beasts, later using the thumbnails to recreate the finished sketch.   “Big Tusker” is one of those finished sketches featuring a large bull elephant sporting well over 100 pound tusks. This bull has seen the best and worst Africa has to offer and has lived long enough to tell its story.