John Banovich - A Pile of Crap
John Banovich - A Pile of Crap

John Banovich - A Pile of Crap

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Zawadi Edition- 10" x 10": 75 s/n plus 7 Artist Proofs
• Canvas: $225
• Artist Proof: $270
• Frame (BF10): 18.5" x 18.5" - $305

Dung beetles love herbivore’s poo….in fact it is a delicacy during certain times of the year. And the Scarabaeidae sub-family of beetles roll their fresh dung, which often weighs fifty times more than they do. The female dung beetle deposits her eggs in these dung balls, which the parents skillfully bury or roll into underground tunnels. Each egg is placed in its own chamber, and will hatch within a couple of weeks. They will then feed on them for about 3 months, molting through three stages before pupating inside their dung chambers. The adult will emerge from its brood mass in 1-4 weeks, and then dig its way to the soil surface and spend its adult life looking for the perfect Pile of Crap!