Banovich Catalog Volume 11

Banovich Catalog Volume 11

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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
– Pablo Picasso

As we spend more time quarantined in our castles, isolated from our family and friends lets remember art is at the very center of what makes a society what it is. Art is at the root of our humanity reminding us there is so much more good than evil. So much more joy than sadness. We will look back someday on this challenging moment and be reminded how we were solid in our foundation and unbreakable in our resolve. We united and became stronger than we could ever have imagined. In our moments of despair we overcame and found the best of our humanity. That which did not kill us made us stronger and we still have more of life’s stories to be told…and our best is yet to come! I hope you all will enjoy our new Volume 11 catalog and find your inspiration from the art, travel and philanthropy within its pages. – John Banovich

138 color pages