John Banovich - Clash of the Titans
John Banovich - Clash of the Titans

John Banovich - Clash of the Titans

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Limited Edition Giclée Canvas
Gallery Edition - 48" x 32": 50 s/n plus 10 Artist Proofs
• Limited Edition: $1,250
• Artist Proof: SOLD OUT
• Frame BF6 - 59" x 43": $935

“Giraffe are thought of as peaceful, almost passive creatures, but like all wild animals they possess the ability to display tremendous aggression in a moment’s notice.  What I’ve always enjoyed about Africa is that one must constantly prepare for the unexpected. One of the rarest sights in the world is two bull giraffe clashing over territory.  Using their heads as massive wrecking balls they swing violently towards the opponent (using the leverage of an extremely long neck) with lightning speed. The sounds are thunderous.  With a body weight of over 3000 pounds, they can exude a massive force. This particular day the bulls were evenly matched and both very intent on gaining the upper hand. After nine minutes of intense action the slightly darker but smaller bull emerged the victor!” - John Banovich